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Janet Grogan knows X Factor ISN'T a 'fast track to fame' – and won't EVER give up

X Factor star Janet Grogan has insisted that the X Factor isn’t as easy as it looks on TV.

Instead the Dubliner – who appears on tonight’s show – said you can be spending 16 hours at their studios each day.

She said: “It is a taster of what it is like in the music business. People think it’s a fast track to fame but it is actually really hard work and it’s very emotional.

“People don’t see that side – they see an hour and they don’t realise you have maybe spent 16 hours that day. I feel I am doing what I am supposed to do.”

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Hope: Janet just wanted to make Simon like her | ITV

But Janet – who previously told has a platinum-selling single in Germany – said she only hoped to get Simon Cowell to like her out of her audition.

And the Tallaght native admitted that even if she doesn’t get through – she will keep on fighting for success.

“I went with the intention of trying to get Simon on my side and I did. I think I sang about three lines and he hadn’t smiled all day,” she said.

“And on my third line he was smiling so it gave me the confidence to really give it all I had.

“My parents are super proud of me – my mam cries when she watches X Factor normally so I would have been a bit offended if she didn’t cry for me.


First shot: Janet on her initial X Factor audition | ITV

“They have always been supportive of me they never ever said give up singing and get something that has a solid future in it.

“But I know with singing and song-writing it’s not solid and one month you could have loads of jobs and the next you could have nothing. They have always been behind me – even when I wasn’t behind myself 100%.

“I think it’s really common for artists to have many of those kinds of moments. I know by my friends and even if things are going well you do think, ‘Maybe I should pack it in and do something else’.

“But wanting to do this is built into me – it’s almost like it is impossible to do anything else.”


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