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Jacqueline Jossa SLAMS Dan Osborne for entering CBB while they were ‘still figuring things out’

The mother-of-two has admitted that the timing wasn't great


Jacqueline Jossa has slammed her estranged husband Dan Osborne for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house while they were “still figuring things out”.

The former EastEnders star has admitted that she still doesn’t know where she stands with Dan, but showed her support for him as he continues his CBB journey.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Jacqueline said: “I hope he wins but I won’t be there at the final, I think that would be a bit weird. We need to talk when he’s back and see where we both stand.”

“It’s a shame he went on the show while we were still figuring things out. The timing wasn’t great for us but I told him that if he felt like it was something he needed to do then I’d support him wholeheartedly.”


After confirming their separation in May, Dan moved back into their marital home after their second child, a daughter named Mia, was born.

Since moving back into their house, the pair have been getting on a lot better – but their relationship status is still up in the air.

Jacqueline explained, “We’re not officially back together, but he’s living with us so we spend every day together, and we’re getting on really well.”

“It’s hard for me to discuss my relationship when we haven’t had a chance to talk about it properly. I don’t know what the future holds. Dan is my family and no matter what goes on in our marriage that won’t change.”

Dan has opened up about his marriage woes during his time on CBB, which has been difficult for Jacqueline to watch.

She confessed: “It’s been hard seeing Daniel discuss our marriage with a group of people I’ve never met.”

Dan and Jacqueline will no doubt have a lot to discuss once he leaves the CBB house, as evicted housemate Natalie Nunn has claimed that Dan has been flirting with Gabby Allen.

Since leaving the house, Natalie has sensationally accused show bosses of not showing Dan and Gabby’s flirtatious behaviour.

She told The Sun: “Dan wants Gabby. And Gabby wants Dan. They’re not showing that relationship.”

“They play spin the bottle every night. And they play truth or dare every single night. They asked Dan, if the world would end tomorrow and you had to have sex with someone in the house, who would it be? He said of course Gabby.”

She continued: “We dared Gabby to kiss Dan on his inner thigh. She said, ‘I don’t want to do that’ and he said, ‘It wouldn’t be anything different from when we were in Spain’. And I was like, what? Spain? What happened in Spain?”

Dan was referring to the time he filmed an upcoming fitness TV pilot alongside Gabby, Stephanie Davis, and Calum Best in Marbella earlier this year.

Dan was famously accused of cheating on his wife Jacqueline after photos emerged of him and Gabby looking particularly close on a yacht.

However, both Gabby and Dan have vehemently denied the claims.

Natalie went on to brand Dan, Jermaine Pennant, and Ben Jardine as “womanisers”, and said that she plans to meet up with their significant others to expose what’s been going on behind the scenes.