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I’m A Celeb viewers ‘heartbroken’ for Caitlyn Jenner after nobody showed up to meet her on the bridge

The transgender star was booted off the show last night


I’m A Celeb viewers were left “bawling” following Caitlyn Jenner’s exit last night, as nobody showed up to meet her at the end of the bridge.

During her time in the jungle, the 70-year-old’s famous family have been criticised for not supporting her.

The Kardashian-Jenner’s failed to send her a letter from home twice, and then last night nobody showed up to give her a hug after spending three weeks in the jungle.

It seems Caitlyn’s famous daughters would rather be on vacation, as Kendall is currently sunning herself in Miami, and Kylie has brought a bunch of her friends on a ski trip.

During her exit interview, Caitlyn burst into tears as she admitted she found her experience in the jungle tough.

Although no one was there to meet her at the bridge, Caitlyn has since revealed that her partner Sophia Hutchins met her at her hotel in Australia.

In the middle of getting her makeup done on her Instagram Story, Caitlyn told her followers: “Just got out of the jungle and finally getting my hair and make-up done and boy do I need it.”

“Haven’t had it in weeks but when I came out of the jungle, where I had a lot of great friends there but I had a big surprise when I got back to the hotel…”

Panning the camera to show her partner, Caitlyn excitedly exclaimed: “Sophia’s here!”