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‘It was all my idea!’ Aidan Turner admits he was responsible for THAT shirtless Poldark scene


When you think of Poldark, chances are shirtless Aidan Turner is one of the first things that comes to mind.

And the hunky star has admitted it was his idea for his character Ross Poldark to strip off in season one of the BBC show but he was shocked at the reaction.

Now, thanks in huge part to that scene, Aidan, 33, has become an international sex symbol but the unassuming Irishman is bemused by the whole thing.


Hunk: Aidan Turner has set hearts racing with his portrayal of dashing Ross Poldark in the BBC show 

“It was my idea to take my top off,” he told the Irish Daily Mirror. “It was probably a huge mistake. But Poldark’s out in the fields, it’s a really hot day, there’s a lot of work and it wouldn’t have made sense with a top on.

“It was never supposed to be sexually provocative. So when the show came out and it all kicked off, I was a bit surprised. But it kind of put the show on the map.”

Aidan’s been linked to the role of James Bond, when Daniel Craig hangs up his gun, and although he is clearly interested, the star doesn’t want to speak about it in case he jinxes it.

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Tight-lipped: Aidan has been linked to the role of James Bond but is wary of talking about it just yet | VIPIreland

Meanwhile, his professional life is going from strength-to-strength but Aidan’s love life has suffered and he admitted that after his split from actress Sarah Greene, he’s not sure if he believes in soulmates anymore.

“I don’t know if I believe in the soulmate thing so much,” he said. I think you can find somebody you can love your entire life and you can still feel that love decades and decades later.

“I know couples who’ve been together 50 years and are happy. But it can be unhealthy to rely on somebody so much.”