FIRST LOOK: Love Island’s Adam Collard leaves Rosie Williams in tears after his date with new girl Zara

Viewers are set for a dramatic episode of Love Island tonight


Love Island is set to get very dramatic tonight – as Adam Collard leaves Rosie Williams in tears following his date with new arrival Zara McDermott.

This week, Love Island bosses stirred things up in the villa by throwing in new girls Zara McDermott and Ellie Brown – and Zara seems to have caught Adam’s eye, despite the fact that he’s coupled up with Rosie.

In scenes set to air tonight, Adam admits to fancying Zara – leaving Rosie in tears as she’s comforted by her fellow Islanders.


“If he wants to go off and get another girl that’s come in, all he needs to do is say it. Don’t use excuses. He said he fancied Zara, and now he’s just stormed off and walked away and blamed it all on me,” Rosie cries in a teaser clip.

“The last seven days we’ve been in here, we’ve progressed in a nice way. Maybe he’s not ready for love. Maybe he needs to go back out and s**g another 200 girls because this clearly isn’t working for him.

“You can’t keep looking for more, if you want love, you need to be content,” she added.

Viewers will also see Rosie express regret over sharing an intimate moment with Adam two nights ago.

She said, “He’s said to me things about having a future together. You can’t do that and have your head turned two seconds later because a new face has walked in.

“He told me that he did see me as a girlfriend, which is why he hasn’t rushed in. I’m not being funny, I don’t do things with people unless they mean something. I did it because I thought this was something real, I thought we had something.”

“I can’t deal with this, I really can’t. I just feel so stupid. He doesn’t deserve to be here. He’s not here to find love. He’s here to go from girl to girl and he can do that in Newcastle,” she explained.

“He’s been with four girls in two weeks, he’ll do it to her as well. It’s not for me that.

“The only thing I’m upset about is that he did what he did in bed with me and then just sacked me off. I just think that’s a big disgusting and it’s not what a gentlemen would do.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on 3e.