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Fans react as Philip Schofield shares video of Holly Willoughby amid feud

"Any response to the outcry? Are you not ashamed?"

Phillip and Holly are taking a break for the rest of the summer

Fans have reacted to Philip Schofield’s most recent tweet, as the presenter shared a video of himself and Holly Willoughby amid rumours of a day time TV “civil war.”

According to claims, a number of ITV staff have complained about Philip within the organisation.

Phillip has ignored rumours of potential feuds in order to share the video, which shares the news that he and Holly are up for a Telly Talks award.


The Sun claims that This Morning’s Friday presenter Ruth Langsford has made an official complaint against Philip.

They also allege that Holly’s relationship with Philip has become strained in recent months.

Reports claim that Holly felt embarrassed by Philip’s social media behaviors.

A source told The Sun said: “Holly felt it was inappropriate that Phillip was posting videos of her on social media drinking shots of alcohol, but felt too nervous to speak to him directly about it.”

‘So someone at their agents YMU spoke to Phillip who accepted Holly’s decision. But it just shows things can become strained between them. But they find a way to work it out.’

Philip has apparently ignored the rift rumours in sharing the tweet, and fans are not happy.

“Not even an explanation or an apology for his biased unprofessional behavior. He needs sacking,” said one follower.

“Any response to the outcry? Are you not ashamed?,” said another.

However, some shared their support for the presenter.

One fan wrote: “People dont know him. Who knows what the truth is. I think people need to concentrate on their own life before talking about someone else when they have no idea what the truth is. Leave the poor bloke alone.”