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Fans all have the same complaint ahead of the Love Island reunion

The cast of Love Island 2022 reunited on Thursday night to film the highly anticipated reunion show.

The 90-minute special will air on Sunday night at 9pm, and it promises to be filled with drama.

However, Love Island fans are all complaining that the reunion episode is far too soon after the finale of series 8.

Love Island fans claim that the reunion show would be far more dramatic and intense if it came a couple of months down the line.

New couples will have been forced to settle back into their daily routines, and dumped Islanders could potentially find love with each other that they didn’t on the show.

One Twitter user wrote: “What’s the point in the love island reunion being so soon???,” while another tweeted, “confused why the Love Island Reunion is so soon, i wonder what’s happened in the 3 days or so they’ve been home 🙃🥴.”

A third said, “Wait, the #LoveIsland reunion is this Sunday? Why do they always do it so soon after the show, they should really do it in like December or a week before Winter Love Island.”


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