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Fair City's Amilia Clarke Stewart becomes agony aunt to gay kids – after playing lesbian in soap


Fair City star Amilia Clarke Stewart is asked for advice on coming out after playing a lesbian in the soap.

The TV actress – who plays Katy O’Brien on the RTE show – has seen her character’s sexuality examined in-depth since joining this summer.

And Amila, whose brother is gay, said she is now asked for advice not just from people who are gay – but also their parents.


Comfort: Amelia on the RTE soap | RTE

“I have been getting emails from young boys and girls… telling me about their situation and asking for advice,” she said.

“I’ve even got emails from parents who think their child might be gay and they’re looking for advice on how to approach it. I’d like to think I’ve helped.”

And Amilia – whose character initially received a negative reaction from her family after coming out – said people experiencing the same need to keep their head up.

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Celebrating: Amelia was part of soap’s 25th anniversary | ANDRES POVEDA

She told GCN: “Chin up and stay positive. You can’t make someone accept something if they don’t want to, or aren’t ready.

“Give them time, but don’t let it drag you down. People hate change, but I believe that the people who truly love you will accept you, regardless.”

However Amelia insists that she accepts everyone personally.

She said: “I think love is love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re straight, gay, bi… my parents have always said, ‘You love who you love,’ and that’s exactly what I’ll tell my kids.”