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EXCLUSIVE! Winter Love Island 2023 star reveals they’re set to release explosive YouTube video

Winter Love Island 2023 star Tanyel Revan has revealed that she’s set to release an explosive YouTube video.

The news comes in response to her co-star Ellie Spence’s bombshell video, in which she claimed that all of the girls ignored her when she first entered the villa as a bombshell.

She also alleged that the “girl divide” came about because Lana Jenkins, Samie Elishi and Tanyel “all liked Ron [Hall]”.

Speaking exclusively to at the #GossCountdown Show on Monday night, Tanyel addressed the divide between the girls during the winter series.

“I wouldn’t say constant [there were] fights,” the hairstylist admitted. “But I will say a lot of people had opinions that they’d never say to your face. Every single time I would always pull them up on it.”

“I found that this season was very, very bitchy actually. They should’ve called it drama island.”

“When I came out and I saw the video [Ellie] put up on YouTube – I’ve actually done a response in a YouTube video which I haven’t put up just yet.”

Tanyel continued: “I couldn’t believe it! I was thinking ‘You would never say this s**t to my face’. This is so not what happened, it’s so twisted.”

“People play with things and twist situations obviously because they want a bit of limelight and that’s just not me. I would never.”

“I even said coming out of here I’ll never go out of my way to go out with people just because they’re from the show.”

“Unless I really like you, I am not making that effort. I couldn’t care less.”

From Lifted Entertainment

In a bombshell video posted to her YouTube channel in February, Ellie claimed the other girls ignored her when she first entered the villa.

She said: “I could have never predicted how hostile the girls would be about my entrance and the way that I went in.”

The 25-year-old later said: “I had a really hard first week anyway. I actually lost a stone through stress. What I will say though is the welfare team there, everyone on the production, and everyone on the Love Island team is just so good.”

“You get asked every single day, ‘are you eating? are you drinking?’ You have to fill out a water tab, they keep really close tabs on you. You say ‘oh my stomach hurts’ and you blink and there’s a medic next to you.”

From Lifted Entertainment

She went on to say: “But I think it was a combination of the heat and the stress. My parents could see through the TV that there was something going on with the girls even though it wasn’t aired.”

“When I had my one phone call with my mum when I was in holding, you get one phone call with your parents for 10 minutes, but she said dad knew the girls weren’t very nice to me at the start.”

Ellie explained that the “girl divide” came because Lana, Samie and Tanyel “all liked Ron”.

“Everybody loved Lana Banana so much, and we were annoyed [at Ron] for her… It’s not that Ron’s a bad person, I think he’s a really nice person… It’s just that some situations that you’re in and the way you act, it’s annoying for people to have to live in it,” she added.

From Lifted Entertainment

She also said the “dishes” fight between Shaq and Ron “would’ve made so much more sense” if viewers were shown the previous arguments in the villa.

Ellie claimed Ron “continued to flirt” with Samie after rekindling things with Lana, and that Shaq was the “moral compass” of the group so he called him out on it.

“In these situations where you can’t leave, you can’t call someone, and it’s all consuming, so obviously emotions run high and people snap.”

In the same video, Ellie said Tanyel made “below the belt” comments to her in ANOTHER explosive fight. Check out the full video below:


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