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EXCLUSIVE! Stars of new RTE show admit they struggled with Cork accent

Seana Kerslake and Nika McGuigan revealed their struggles with the Cork accent in their new RTE dark comedy Can’t Cope Won’t Cope.

Seana and Nika play Aisling and Danielle respectively in the show and said to Goss.ie at a screening of the first two episodes how they tackled the Cork accent.

“It was great because Stephanie [Preissner, the show’s creator] is from Mallow and the cast who are from Mallow who come in in episode four recorded things for us,” Seana admitted.

Can't Cope Won't Cope Odeon

Gal pals: Seana and Nika star alongside Amy Huberman in the hilarious comedy | VIPIRELAND.COM

Dubliner Seana asked cast and crew members from Cork to let her know if her accent ever sounded a little off.

“We had dialect coaches for part of it,” Seana continued.

“People on set were from Cork as well so we said, ‘If anything sounds a bit [off] let us know.’ Hopefully we pulled it off.”

Can't Cope Won't Cope Odeon

Cork: The actresses worked with a dialect coach to learn the Cork accent | VIPIRELAND.COM

English beauty Nika also revealed that neither of them had a natural Cork accent so it was something they both had to work on.

“We were both in the same boat. Even though we don’t naturally have the same accent obviously we both had to tackle it.

“For me, I’ve never had to work with my own accent so for me it was another part. You get used to it,” Nika added.

Check out the full interview below.

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope airs tonight at 10pm on RTE2.

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