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EXCLUSIVE! Red Rock's Ann Skelly admits 'It's not like a huge rivalry' between Fair City

Red Rock’s Ann Skelly tells what she really thinks about Fair City.

The actress who plays 15 year old Rachel Reid opens up about the rivalry between the two soaps.

“I don’t really think about that, I don’t compare Red Rock to anything,” she told

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Respect: Ann and Jane play a huge role in Red Rock | BRIAN MCEVOY

While Red Rock is a soap just like Fair City, she reckons there is no competition with RTÉ’s soap.

“I respect Fair City for how much work they do and how much they put out and the quality, I think it’s amazing,” she explained.

“It’s not like a huge rivalry. I think we all have such respect for Fair City here and I hope they have for us as well.”

Sean Mahon Ann Skelly

Love: Brian and Rachel are having a secret relationship

The young actresses character is a teenage girl who is having a relationship with 40-year-old Guard Brian McGonigle but after suspicions grow about the fling, Rachel runs away.

“She’s 15, all intense emotions, its her first time, for her this love is going to be forever, they are going to get married and run away together and why wouldn’t she want to but we kind of see him abandon her,” she revealed.

The story unfolds on tonight’s episode or Red Rock on TV3 at 8.30pm.


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