EXCLUSIVE! Pat Kenny: ‘My move to TV3 wasn’t what RTÉ expected’


Pat Kenny has revealed that his move to TV3 was not something that RTÉ expected.

The Dubliner spoke to at the launch of TV3’s Autumn launch for 2016 about his new current affairs show with Colette Fitzpatrick on the station.

“I presumed it was always on the cards that sometime I might do something for TV3,” he said.

Pat Kenny broadcasts from Shelbourne Hotel

Departure: Pat left RTE in 2013 for to host his own radio show in Newstalk | VIPIRELAND.COM

The broadcaster worked with RTE for 41 years before leaving in 2013 and moving to Newstalk, where he works alongside Colette Fitzpatrick who is his new co-host on TV3.

“RTE knew that was always a possibility when I left to go to Newstalk,” he told

“I presumed it was always on the cards that sometime I might do something for TV3. And then UTV Ireland came along so I did that series with them.

“It was probably not what RTE expected me to do but I did it. Then with the transition when UTV Ireland was being sold – obviously then everything changed.”

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Possibility: Pat admitted that RTE always knew there was a possibility that he would go to TV3 | VIPIRELAND.COM

Pat also revealed that his invitation to join TV3 was unexpected but the station had said they wanted to work with him again after the leader’s debate earlier this year.

“I didn’t expect this invitation to come out of the blue. I got to co-host the leaders debate which was a Newstalk and TV3 production,” he explained.

“It must have been in the back of their minds that they’d like to do it because at the end of that debate they came up and said ‘Maybe we’ll get to work together in the future sometime.’

“And here we are!”