EXCLUSIVE! Bridget And Eamon writer thanks ‘drunk fans’ for show’s success

Jason Butler admits it was amazing that UK Gold wanted their show


Jason Butler has revealed that he thanks Bridget And Eamon’s ‘drunk fans’ for the show’s success in the UK.

The IFTA winner spoke to at the launch of the show’s season two launch about what the British audience think of the show.

The writer said that is was “people [coming] home half drunk and turing on the TV and think ‘Oh what’s this show'” the helped the RTE show grow in Britain.

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Go for Gold: Jason thanks ‘drunk people’ for Bridget And Eamon’s UK success | VIPIRELAND.COM

Jennifer Zamparelli stars as Bridget on the hilarious show and admitted she hoped the show would be a success in the UK – but Jason confirmed that was picked up extremely well by the British public.

“Near the end, it was getting press, it was getting built up and there was more and more tweets about it. I thought that’s what would happen – people come home half drunk and turn on the TV and think ‘Oh what’s this show I don’t know anything about?'” Jason told

“And next week ‘Ah it’s on again,’ and by the third week they know the name of it so tweet to tell people to watch it. There were loads of those tweets saying ‘Am I the only person watching this? You need to start watching Bridget And Eamon now.’

“It’s lovely and hopefully more and more drunk people will start watching it and hopefully Gold take up the second series and it will grow again. It’s the only way it would launch over in the UK, that people would just watch it and laugh and want to see more. It was such a nice thing because they didn’t need to.”


Too funny not to take it: UK Gold told Jason that the show that if they found it funny so would other people | RTE

Jason also admitted that the show received amazing feedback from UK Gold and said it was to funny not to have it on their channel.

“It was amazing at all that [UK Gold] were even interested in airing the show because it doesn’t really fit what their channel is. It’s usually Only Fools And Horses or shows that have been on UK TV before.

“The feedback we got from them was ‘It’s too funny not to take it. It doesn’t really fit what we do but it’s just too funny. If we think it’s funny, people will find it funny too.’ It went really well, it kind of build up an audience over the episodes,” he added.

Bridget And Eamon returns to RTE2 tomorrow, November 14th, at 9.30pm.