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EXCLUSIVE! Brendan O’Connor: ‘Presenters are the idiots who front TV shows’


Brendan O’Connor has revealed that he thinks presenters are just the face of a TV show.

The presenter admitted to Goss.ie that he thanks the work of Cutting Edge’s producers for his RTE show’s success.

“The presenters are only the idiots who front things up,” he said.

Brendan O'Connor new show

Cutting Edge: Brendan’s programme won Best Entertainment show at the IFTAs | ANDRES POVEDA

The presenter also revealed that he was “surprised and strangely emotional” at the IFTA’s after winning Best Entertainment for his show Cutting Edge.

“I’m delighted for the team particularly, there was an incredible amount of hard work put into it even though it looks very simple,” he told Goss.ie.

“That hard work wasn’t really mine, it was all the people who put it together such as the producers.”

Brendan O'Connor new show

Surprised: The presenter revealed he was strangely emotional at his IFTA win | ANDRES POVEDA

The presenter also admitted that he’s very thankful for the guests who came on his show, such as Al Porter who won Rising Star at the coveted awards on Friday.

“They’ve all been so generous and so giving. It’s actually hard work to come on cutting edge but they do the hard work,” he explained.

“The guys here are pretty intense with the panelists actually. They work them hard.

“We’ve a lot of new people coming up in the autumn season. I think it’s going to be much bigger and much better.”