EXCLUSIVE! Amy Huberman opens up on underwear scene in RTE’s Striking Out

The actress has a scene in just her underwear


Amy Huberman has opened up about her showing skin in RTE’s Striking Out.

The actress stars as Dublin-based solicitor Tara Rafferty who discovers her fiancé in bed with another woman on her hen night and spoke to Goss.ie about her underwear scene.

In the scene, the Dubliner is wearing just her underwear but explained that she didn’t feel uncomfortable and said it was “part of the role.”



Nude scene: Amy explained why she wasn’t phased performing in her underwear | ANDRES POVEDA

Amy admitted that she doesn’t look forward to nude scenes but understands that if it’s a part of the story, it’s needed.

“I don’t go ‘Yay, today is the day.’ But listen, it’s a part of what we do,” she told Goss.ie.

“If a story needs for it and it’s right within all of it, then it’s just a part of the story that you’re telling.”

Striking Out airs on RTE in the new year.