EXCLUSIVE! Amy Huberman opens up about preparing for emotional roles

The actress stars as Tara in RTE's Striking Out


Amy Huberman has opened up about preparing for her emotional role in RTE’s Striking Out where she plays Tara, a woman who has been cheated on.

The actress spoke to Goss.ie about the show which follows the Dublin-based solicitor after she discovers her fiancé cheating on her with another woman.

“I think with the emotional stuff, I think you have to go into your own well and put yourself in the situation,” she said.



Cheating: Amy Huberman opens up about preparing for a role of a character who has been cheated on | ANDRES POVEDA

The mother-of-two explained that if you have empathy you are able to put yourself in that situation of someone who has been cheated on.

“For the personal stuff, as an actor there’s so many situations that you’ll be in that you haven’t personally been in but if you have empathy as a person you can put yourself in that situation,” she told Goss.ie.

Striking Out airs on RTE 2 on January 1st.