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New Xpose host Peter O'Riordan vows to SHAKE UP show – and make it a force to be reckoned with

New Xpose host Peter O’Riordan has vowed to shake up the TV3 show – and make it an international brand.

The Cork man has jetted back to add some testosterone to the celebrity programme as it increases in length to an hour daily.

And the 30-year-old told that coming from the sensationalism of TMZ will finally make Xpose a programme to be reckoned with.

He said: “Hopefully I can bring home what I learned running the assignment desk for TMZ in America, I can bring that here, and hopefully propel this brand in the same direction.”

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New arrival: Peter can’t wait to give Xpose a boost | BRIAN MCEVOY

He added: “I am a professional in terms of sensationalism.”

And Peter admitted that he delighted to be back in Ireland after being approached just six weeks ago.

He said: “They approached me – probably about six weeks ago. So it was really, really quick when it happened.

“So I sold up everything, packed it up, threw the ginger into a suitcase and we came back to Ireland. It was a mad scramble. I am running on adrenaline now and jet lag.

“I got in on Thursday with my significant other and baby. I’m a new dad – I have a five-month-old, and he’s a ginger. So he’s in great company here.

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New team: Peter can’t wait to get stuck in with rest of Xpose crew | BRIAN MCEVOY

“I’m a Cork boy at heart. My mammy is delighted that I’m back at home. She came and booked us an apartment. It’s nice to have that bit of distance up the Naas Road though, so you run in and have that bit of home comfort – and get in when you need to.”

Although Peter admits he hadn’t heard of much about Xpose apart from Glenda before signing up.

He said: “I played rugby before, so I knew of Glenda from when she used to date Brian way, way back in the day. So I knew the girls and I couldn’t find myself in a better position with such a fantastic network.”

And Peter – who was living on the border of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in the States – can’t wait to move from dealing with Hollywood celebrities to Twink.

Brian Ormond's 30th Birthday at Krystle nightclub

Last man: Peter hopes to survive a tad longer than Sean | BRIAN MCEVOY

He said: “I love it. You cut my veins and I bleed green. There’s no person more patriotic than myself, and I’m ecstatic to be home.

“I certainly didn’t lose the accent! It’s thick and thieves. I’ve been in America for seven years and I can’t see to shake it. The thing that made me – I hope it won’t be a curse coming back here.”

But Peter admits he doesn’t even know how long his contract with TV3 is – but doesn’t fear being dumped after a year like Sean Munsanje.

Asked has he got a long contract, he said: “I wouldn’t have a clue on that. I’m the land of know as it is, that would all have to be finalised when it comes.”

However Peter could find himself being slapped around the head by a few people, after being the man behind the controversial TMZ video where it was claimed Irish people didn’t know who Beyonce and Jay Z were.

But he insisted: “I am a professional in terms of sensationalism. I am a showbiz reporter.

“But I’d say anyone with half a brain could see the point that I was trying to articulate: that Jay Z and Beyonce can be afforded that luxury in Ireland. We have that privacy in Ireland.”


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