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Ex-Islander Elma SLAMS Maura for ‘jumping in Amy’s bed before it was cold’

She doesn't hold back...


Ex-Islander Elma Pazar has slammed Maura Higgins for cracking on with Curtis Pritchard, not long after he brutally dumped Amy Hart last week.

Last night, viewers watched Maura lock lips with Curtis during a raunchy lapdance, just hours after Amy decided to leave the villa as she struggled to cope with her heartbreak.

Speaking to the Daily Star Online about Amy’s departure, Elma said: “I’m proud of her you know, because in a situation like that when you can’t escape, the best thing to do is to remove yourself.”

“I do think had Maura not jumped into her bed before it was even cold it might have made the situation a little bit easier…”


“If she waited a little bit – which she didn’t – she felt the need to say it pretty much the same day.

“I do think that was a little bit unfair, and I think it really impacted Amy’s stay and Amy’s decision,” she added.

Elma and Maura became close friends during her time in the villa, but the pair fell out when Maura slammed Elma for breaking “girl code” – when she expressed her interest in Tom Walker, who Maura had her eye on.

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