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Everything we know about the six new boys entering Love Island’s Casa Amor

Will heads be turned on Love Island tonight?

The highly anticipated Casa Amor challenge will kick off this evening, which sees six new boys and six new girls enter the villa to test the other Islanders loyalties.

Here’s everything we know about the six new boys:

Harry Young


Harry Young is a 24-year-old car salesman from Glasgow.

He said: “I’ve been single for a year and a half and previously went through heartbreak and I’ve had a bit of fun as well. Obviously, COVID then hit so I haven’t had the chance to date.”

“It was through Tinder that I signed up [for Love Island]. Over the past year it was easier to start off an initial conversation online because pubs and clubs were closed.”


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When asked who he has his eye on, Harry said: “Kaz has always been in my top three. But once I’m in there and speaking with people, it could change.”

When asked was he willing to step on people’s toes to get what he wants, he replied: “You need to do it, don’t you? It’s part of going in there.”

“People will potentially be coupled up so if you want to get what you want and or if
you have a connection with somebody, you’re going to have to step on toes or ruffle a few feathers.”

Medhy Malanda


Medhy Malanda is a 24-year-old American football player/model originally from Belgium.

When asked why he signed up for the show, Medhy said: “I’ve been single for 4 years and I love a good challenge. I love temptation so I thought why not?”

“[I have my eye on] Kaz. Kaz’s personality is fiery, she’s got energy, she’s funny and she’s got a beautiful smile and she’s a nice girl in general. And Millie seems like a nice girl and she’s obviously good looking as well.”

“I am a happy person, I’m a lot like Kaz. I’ve always got a lot of energy. I’m genuine and
loyal. That’s how I am.”


“[My friends and family] would describe me as a bubbly, happy person who is always making noise and always annoying someone! But I’m always trying to be funny and wanting to be around people. And a very loyal person.”

Matthew MacNabb


Matthew MacNabb is a 26-year-old Strategic Marketing Consultant from Belfast.

He said: “My family would describe me as very relaxed and laid back, positive and optimistic. And my friends would describe me as very adventurous and very positive.”

When asked why he signed up for the show, Matthew said: “The main thing is the adventure, it seems like a really fun thing to do.”



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“I feel like I’m pretty chilled and very adventurous. I’m very laid-back in the sense I
like to laugh and I don’t care too much about what people think.”

When asked about stepping on the Islanders toes, Matthew said: “I won’t have much of a problem with that. The guys haven’t known the girls that long so it’s not really a huge issue. I’m sure if they have a problem they’ll approach me.”

Dale Mehmet


Dale Mehmet is a 24-year-old barber from Glasgow.

He said: “I always want to see the best for everybody. I’ve got a small group of friends, my family is really tight. If somebody needs something, I’m always there to give them a hand.”


When asked why he signed up for the show, Dale said: “It’s something different. I’m the kind of person who is super chilled. If I meet someone then that would be amazing. But I take everything as it comes.”

“I’d like to meet someone I like and can move forward with, but I’ll just take it as it comes.”

“I like Faye’s attitude and personality. I feel like we would get on,” he added.


“I’m not a bad guy who is going to steal somebody’s girl. But if I want something then I’m going to pursue it. I would go about it all in the right way. Everybody would be well aware of what I was doing.”

Jack Barlow


Jack Barlow is a 26-year-old racing driver and coach from East Sussex.

He said: “I’ve been single for about two years now. To be honest, I’m ready to meet the one. Not necessarily get married at this age but just experience life with somebody and start a new adventure. We’ve all been deprived of a bit of adventure over the last year.”

“I’m very much a connection type of person so I’ll be able to tell more in person. From what I’ve seen and going off their energy, Chloe has been top of my list. It’s been nice to see her be herself and not care what anyone thinks. I think she’ll be a lot of fun.”



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“I’m naturally a respectful guy so even if I needed to step on someone’s toes, I’d go around it in a respectful way.”

“I appreciate that I’m going into Casa Amor so I don’t have that opportunity but I’m there for myself and I’m trying to find love. My competitive nature will come out when I’m there.”

Sam Jackson


Sam Jackson is a 23-year-old maintenance engineer from Clitheroe.

He said: “I’ve always watched the show. I’m definitely ready for a relationship, I’ve had my fun now.”

“My friends and family would describe me as confident, sometimes too confident for my own good. Cheeky, fun and exciting!”


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“They’re all stunning girls. I’m open to getting to know them all really,” Sam added.

“I’m happy to step on someone’s toes to get what I want. If that’s what I’ve got to do, I’ve got to do it.”

“I am looking forward to meeting the boys as well, I’m a proper lads’ lad. I see myself getting on with the boys as well – it’ll be good to meet some new people and get a few bromances going!”

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player at 9pm.


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