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Everyone is saying the same thing about Netflix’s new Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde

Netflix’s new biopic arrived on the streaming platform on Wednesday, September 28.

Ana de Armas transforms into Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe for the film.

Blonde dramatises the “tumultuous private life” of the acting legend and the “price she paid for fame”.

Fans took to Twitter to discuss Blonde after it was released on Netflix.

The general consensus was that Ana de Armas gave an “Oscar-worthy” performance as the late star; however, the film itself didn’t do justice to Marilyn Monroe.

One Twitter user wrote: “Ana de Armas‘s performance in Blonde is a tragedy, because clearly she went above and beyond to transform into Marilyn, but the film doesn’t respect that,. She is stuck in a loop after a while with one manic episode after another when she and Marilyn both deserved so much better.” 

A second said: “Ana de Armas’s phenomenal performance as Marilyn Monroe deserved to be in a MUCH better film, and one that actually respects the icon she’s portraying :(,” while a third agreed: “Blonde could have been a good movie if they didn’t sexualise Marilyn Monroe in that way. Why is everyone hell bent on ruining Marilyn‘s original story? It’s genuinely sad and an insult to her. But no hate to Ana de Armas – her acting was amazing.”


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