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Dumped Love Islanders Danny and Jourdan ‘excited’ to continue relationship outside the villa

And they want to meet one another's families.

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Tonight on Love Island, viewers watched on as the islanders were shocked by the revelation that one couple would be dumped from the villa.

During islander Anna’s 29th birthday, the contestants are told that one couple will be booted from the island that night. Maura receives a text, which reads “can all Islanders gather at the fire pit immediately.”

Viewers have been voting for their favourite couple, and the
couples with the fewest votes are revealed to be Danny and Jourdan, Amy and Curtis and Lucie and George.

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Danny and Jourdan are voted off, however, the couple are intending on giving their relationship a try outside the villa.

“I’m excited to date her and travel, meet families and do all the normal stuff that we haven’t done yet,” Danny revealed in his exit interview.

“I feel like I know so much about her and her character. I know her personality on a deep level but she doesn’t know my parents’ names or the simple things! I’m excited to do the normal things.”

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Jourdan added: “I think me and Danny will actually get to date without cameras and microphones and other people.”

“I came in looking for a best friend and we’ve already said that we have a really strong friendship if not best friendship.”

“I feel like what’s next is to take that to a further romantic level. And to get to know each other in a normal world.”

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Danny was unlucky in love in the villa, first coupling up with Yewande before recoupling with Arabella, before Arabella was dumped from the island.

The model said that he was expecting an elimination but thought that he and Jourdan would be safe.

“I was expecting a dumping but I felt like me and Jourdan may have been safe because out of the three couples we were the only romantically involved people. I was gutted though but I’m really grateful for my journey.”


Jourdan echoed his thoughts, saying: “I was really surprised by the dumping! I don’t think people dislike me or Danny, I just think more people voted for other couples over us.”

“I think because we were chilled and happy, people thought we were already safe.”

She continued: “I genuinely think I found what I was looking for, so in terms of looking for more love, I don’t need to go back in for that.”

A second couple is due to be removed from the show. The contestants will decide among themselves if Amy and Curtis or Lucie and George will be dumped from the villa.

Love Island continues at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.

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