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Disappointing ratings for TV3's Trial of the Century drama


Ratings hit a disappointing low for TV3’s Trial of the Century drama series, it has been revealed.

The show, which stars Tom Vaughan Lawlor as Padraig Pearse in the three-part 1916 commemorative series, drew in an average audience of 91,300 with the first episode, but plunged to 64,200 for the third and final episode on Monday night.

However, TV3 have not hit back, and said that they never expected the series to draw in huge ratings.

“We did not air it in that slot to get fantastic ratings,” a TV3 spokeswoman told the Herald.

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Disappointing: Tom Vaughan Lawlor played Padraig Pearse in the drama | ANDRES POVEDA

“That is not what the piece was about.”

The broadcaster also revealed that the series was aired to pay tribute to Padraig Pearse around the anniversary of his death, rather than scoop massive ratings.

“Basically, it was put on that bank holiday weekend because it was the anniversary of Padraig Pearse’s death.

“It was a piece to mark the centenary year.

“We would not expect a piece like Trial of the Century to have colossal ratings on a bank holiday weekend. It is a very heavy drama, but it was received very well,” the spokeswoman added.