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Deadly: Love/Hate ISN'T being killed off after the next season after all

Love/Hate creator Stuart Carolan has bolstered fans’ hopes of more series of the show – insisting it isn’t done just yet.

The RTE show was rumoured to be over after the next season, which has been filming around Dublin over the past month.

But Stuart – who won the IFTA award for Best Script – admitted there could still be a sixth, seventh or eight season of the show.

Asked if a decision has been made yet about Love/Hate’s future, he said: “I might have a rough feeling, but you don’t really know.

“There are a huge number of factors it’s not just simply deciding I’d like to do it.”


Finale: Viewers were unhappy with the last season ending

And Stuart insisted that people will be happy with the fifth season after outrage over the fourth being a massive anti-climax.

He said: “It’s the best yet, we’re three weeks in. We’re a tight team now. We’ve had the same producer, same director and a lot of the same cast.

“People work incredibly hard and every year they raise the bar.”

Love/Hate - Series 4

Heartbreak: Debbie left dead after heroin overdose

But Stuart admitted working on the show does take the toll on him – especially killing off characters.

He said: “It’s incredibly difficult to kill a character off but the reason you do it is because it’s important. It’s not about the plot.

“Debbie died and we’re doing a show about drug addiction and heroin, and it was the fourth episode before we showed someone who took an overdose.

“It wasn’t ‘will she die or not?’ We just showed this horrible tragedy of drug overdose. You want to show that world and you want to be honest.”


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