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Colin Farrell wants to play Nidge in an American remake of Love/Hate

Hollywood star Colin Farrell has revealed he would consider signing up to play Nidge in an American remake of Love/Hate.

The Total Recall actor has been linked with an US version of the RTE show – and admits he has a box set of it to watch in preparation for a possible role.

However the 37-year-old told the Star he wants to see a script before deciding whether to come on board.

He said: “I heard they were doing an American version – but I’ve no plan.


New role: Colin is up for taking over as Nidge

“You just read stuff and see what you respond to. I haven’t seen the show yet but I have the box set and I hear it’s brilliant.

“I had the wrong format of the box set. But now I have the right one, so I’ll watch it when I go back.”

Previously, Love/Hate creator Stuart Carolan revealed he wants to see Love/Hate completely remade for the American TV market.

He said: “I would guess they will reinvent it entirely. The remakes that do well are the ones that don’t stick too rigidly to the original. The first two series of the US Office faltered until they Americanised it.”


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