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Clelia Murphy's bid to prove roots come from relative being abandoned in Italian herb garden

Fair City star Clelia Murphy is trying to confirm her great-great granddad was found abandoned in an Italian herb garden.

The TV actress – who plays Niamh Cassidy in the Carrigstown – has started researching her unusual family history after a promise to her
late grandmother.

And Clelia, 38, said it all started because of her grandmother’s bid to prove why her last name was Oregano.

She said: “I’m having great fun at the moment, this is something I promised her I would do.

Singer John Spillane and Fair City ladies Miriam Show

Research: Clelia wants to know family history | VIPIRELAND.COM

“She always wanted to know where her family name came from because she’s Clelia Oregano.

“She was told, and she believed it, that her grandfather, an Italian man, was a foundling.

“He was found in a herb patch in a convent in Italy and they named him Savino Oregano after the herb.

“Is that a true story? I haven’t a clue but I’d love to find out. So I’m starting to do that.”

Saturday Night with Miriam

Open: Clelia spoke to Miriam O’Callaghan

And Clelia admitted that she emotionally struggled after her beloved grandmother passed away in 2010.

She told Saturday Night with Miriam: “I went quietly downhill. I put on weight and I wasn’t my better self or anything like that. I was heartbroken.”

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