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Celebrity Masterchef contestants BANNED from RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars

TV3’s Celebrity Masterchef contestants are BANNED from signing up for RTÉ Dancing With The Stars.

Both programmes are set to air around the same time in 2017, which could cause confusion amongst viewers if a well-known face was to appear on two shows at once.

However, with Masterchef having claimed stars like Holly Carpenter and Nadia Forde, Shinawil’s Larry Bass will have his work cut out for him as he’s on the hunt for celebs willing to put their dancing shoes on.

“No one from Masterchef will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars,” a TV insider told the Herald.


Banned: Samantha Mumba can’t sign up for DWTS – because of Masterchef | MICHAEL CHESTER

“Masterchef might have already started filming, but it won’t be on the air until January. If someone was on both shows at the same time, it would be too much of a good thing. You don’t want viewers to get sick of you,” they added.

Contestants taking part on TV3’s Masterchef also include presenter Simon Delaney, athlete Sonia O’Sullivan, singers Niamh Kavanagh and Samantha Mumba, and musician Mundy.

The news comes after Anne Doyle was recently linked to the upcoming Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Meanwhile, it looks like Amanda Byram is set to host the show, and she could be joined by Angela Scanlon.

RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars is set to air on January 8, 2017.

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