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Body language expert reveals Joey Essex felt ‘shame and guilt’ following Samantha Kenny’s dumping

A body language expert has revealed that Joey Essex felt “shame and guilt” after Samantha Kenny was dumped from the villa.

Love Island viewers saw Samantha Kenny forced to leave the villa in a shock dumping on Tuesday (18th June) night, leaving previous love interest Joey Essex full of “guilt” after cracking on with ex-girlfriend Grace Jackson.

The pair attempted to separately comfort Samantha after she was told via text she would have to pack her bags immediately, but body language and behaviour expert Darren Stanton revealed the signs only Joey was being “genuine.”

From ITV

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Darren says while Samantha managed to keep composed, she was “mortified and shell shocked” by the outcome and brushed off Joey and Grace’s attempts to comfort her “out of embarrassment.”

Joey’s “head tilt” when he learnt of Samantha’s fate denoted “shame” as he felt responsible for her fate, and showed signs he is “clearly an empath,” while he believes Grace only attempted to comfort the dumped islander “for lip service and perception.”

Elsewhere, he confirms the tears from Samantha’s fellow islanders after being dumped “were genuine” and they’d “built up trust and a good rapport” with her.

From ITV

Darren adds that he “doesn’t think Joey and Grace will last” as they “don’t have a deep rapport” and “don’t have the same morals or belief systems” needed to last the long haul.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Darren Stanton says: Joey’s head tilt showed “shame and guilt” after Samantha was left single.

When Joey realises Samantha is single again, his face is one of shock and then he drops his head down.

From ITV

When people drop their head down, and tilt it to the left, that signifies shame. It’s a combination of disbelief, shame and guilt.

Even though Joey likes to think of himself as a bit of a lad, and a bit of a geezer, he is actually an empath.

Empathy is different to sympathy, an empath can take on people’s thoughts and feelings.

From ITV

I think people with empathetic character traits get quite fatigued because they take on other people’s emotions, and I think that’s the reason he felt compelled to speak to Samantha.

Out of all the lads, he was the main person who felt compelled to speak to her in order to get closure because he was feeling her pain.

The tears from the girls in the villa were “genuine.”

From ITV

Samantha was “mortified and shell-shocked” to be dumped from the villa

Sam retained her composure initially, but once she was out of shot, I think she was absolutely mortified and shell-shocked.

It’s not just about the fact she’s out of the process and everything it took her to get there in the first place, but she’s leaving behind Joey and some of the other guys she got on with.

From ITV

Joey “genuinely wanted to check Samantha was okay,” but Grace only doing it “for lip service.”

When Grace and Joey try to comfort her separately, Joey is being genuine and really wanted to check she was okay, whereas with Grace, it’s more lip service and perception.

Grace is the tougher and more dominant person in the dynamic than Joey. Samantha brushed them off out of embarrassment, which is understandable.

From ITV

I don’t think Joey is going to last with Grace, he’s quite a decent person and his heart is in the right place. He knows he has hurt Samantha and I don’t think they will last.

Grace was trying to console Sam for how it looked and the optics of it, whereas Joey was being genuine in wanting closure and making sure Sam was okay before she left.

Grace and Joey “don’t have longevity as a couple” as they “don’t have a deep level of rapport.”

From ITV

“I don’t see what we call interpersonal attraction or reciprocal liking.”

“Joey is a very deep guy, very tactile, whereas Grace is much less so.”

“I don’t see the deep eye gazing or the depth of rapport a lot of people in the show have demonstrated in the past that have gone on to have longevity.”

From ITV

“It’s quite rare for people to last outside of the villa, but those who do seem to have similar traits and beliefs. It’s not just about physicality.”

“I don’t see it with Joey and Grace, they’re two people who get on very well and are physically attracted to each other, but in terms of morals and belief systems, I don’t see that depth of deep rapport.”

“There’s also been occurrences where Grace has said something and he’d pulled a bit of a contempt microexpression, such as a one-sided smile, it’s a very quick thing. I don’t think they have longevity as a couple.”


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