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Big Brother series cut short with NO winner – as production is stopped due to Coronavirus pandemic

The show had to be stopped


Big Brother Canada has had to end with no winner this year – to the Coronavirus outbreak.

While Big Brother Germany is still going and families of the contestants have urged them to “stay in the house” where they are safe, the Canadian production has been stopped.

The broadcaster confirmed that the eighth season was ending with no winner, and that now the network will give the $100k prize money to charities helping in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series aired the sad ending, where 12 remaining housemates had to say goodbye to each other, pack up and go back to reality.

Although the episode only aired this week, the contestants were sent packing on March 24th, right as Canada went into lockdown.

In the video the host of the show can be heard telling contestants that the area of Ontario (where the house is) was ordered to be shut down, stopping all “non-essential services” which meant production must be halted.

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