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The 5 Best Moments from The Rose Of Tralee last night


The Rose of Tralee was back with a bang on our screens last night, and as always, provided plenty of entertainment.

Aside from all the weird and wonderful talents, there was even some scandal – as a Fathers4Justice protestor had to be tackled off the stage and taken away by security.

Drama aside, almost every Rose this year showcased some kind of talent, and what a mix their was. From salsa dancing, to creating fire, to rapping – Dáithí Ó Sé got involved in as many talents as he could

While the contest has, so far, provided endless entertainment -we’ve listed the top five moments from last night’s show.


1. The Cork Rose Almost Set Dáithí On Fire

The Cork Rose channeled her inner Daenerys Targaryen with her talent.

The science teacher brought her own little laboratory on to the stage as the crew waited in the wings with fire extinguishers.

And of course, Dáithí got involved in it too – but he was sure to keep his distance from the flames.


2. The Germany Rose Showed Off Her Rapping Skills

The Germany Rose took to the stage with a rap from Wayne Beag, as Dáithí said.

The red-haired beauty dropped the classic song from the artist but admitted she changed a few of the lyrics to make it more child friendly.

She told the Kerry host, “I’ve changed the lyrics to make it more PG – Because y’know it’s Lil Wayne!”


3. The Sydney Rose Dressed Dáithí In A Bra And Feather Hat

The Sydney Rose gave a powerful speech last night, but stole the show when she gave Dáithí a bejewelled bra to put on along with a large feather headpiece.

The tall beauty tied up her dress so she was able to show the host of the night how to properly Salsa like they do in Brazil.

With just a few steps, the Australia native had Dáithí dancing like a pro – with even a cheeky move at the end!


4. The Cavan Rose Taught Dáithí How To Dance Through Sign Language

After her moment on stage getting a Kanye West style interruption, the Cavan Rose snapped back into the zone for her talent.

Probably the cutest talent of the night, the smallest Rose showed us how to sing You’ve Got A Friend In Me through sign language.

The school teacher, of course, got Dáithí involved! Didn’t he do well?


5. The Boston And New England Contestants Rose Up After Falling

Everything was going so well for the Boston and New England Rose – until she took off her skirt.

Shown on the competition’s insider show, Road To The Dome, viewers got to see a few of the talents of the Rose’s who didn’t make it through.

The cheerful Rose wowed us when she removed her gown’s skirt to reveal a shorter skirt underneath – but someone must’ve waxed the floor a bit too well!

She proved what a trooper she was though when she got back up again, and continued on dancing with a smile!

Who knows what tonight has in store! Watch the second part of the Rose of Tralee competition tonight on RTE1 at 8pm.