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BAI issues formal ‘warning notice’ to RTE over The Ray D’Arcy Show

The broadcaster has received three complaints already


The Broadcasting Authorities of Ireland has issued a formal “warning notice” to RTE over The Ray D’Arcy Show.

The station has received three complaints so far because of it’s choice to cover the campaign to change Irish abortion laws and the discussion of abortion.

The decision from the BAI has been welcomed by the Pro-Life campaign who said it was “significant” in the ongoing campaign against media bias on the abortion issue.

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Complaints: RTE received three complaints about their coverage over the campaign to change abortion laws | VIPIRELAND.COM

The BAI called on RTE to “finally admit there is a serious problem regarding bias at the station and that it’s time to demonstrate how concrete and verifiable steps will be taken to address the situation.”

The Pro-Life campaigners also weighed in and released a statement about the station’s coverage on the abortion campaign.

“The dual issues of accountability and impartiality runs much deeper than The Ray D’Arcy Show,” it began.

“For example, from June – July 2016, RTE Radio 1, afforded 81 minutes airtime to the pro-choice side and a pathetic four minutes to the pro-life viewpoint.

“With each new instance of one-sided coverage, public trust in RTE is evaporating. RTE’s refusal to address the problem is also doing a huge disservice to those working in RTÉ who take care to be impartial.”

RTE said in a statement today that “it notes and accepts the decision of the BAI. As required.”