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Allen Leech: 'None of my friends watch me in Downton Abbey'

Irish actor Allen Leech has revealed none of his friends have seen him on Downton Abbey, because they don’t watch the show.

Allen, 33, from Killiney, Dublin, said that him and his pals play tag rugby together, but his friends would never sit down to watch the award winning ITV series.

“I play a bit of tag rugby a few days a week in London, which I really enjoy and I love watching it on TV.


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“None of my close friends are actors, so none of them watch the show, which is all grand,” he explained.

Allen said that Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary in the show, gets her Cork boyfriend John ‘Dino’ Dineen to watch it, but that’s it.

“Dino has to watch it because he’s going out with Michelle, but apart from him, none of them
ever sees me on Downton.”

Speaking to the Sun Allen revealed that sometimes he gets bored on set of the period drama, and plays tricks on the cast.

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“We’re so comfortable with each other, I think you’d be surprised at the amount of joking we get up to, especially myself and Rob James-Collier (Thomas the Butler).”

“We’re quite a team in terms of keeping spirits high on long days. One of my favourite pranks is to sew up the legs of the men’s costumes.”

“So that when they try to get into them in the morning, you can hear them struggling and falling over. That’s quite enjoyable,” he said.

“When you’re there for 11 hours doing one scene, it helps to find some comedy and it allows you to regroup and concentrate to go for the takes.”



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