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A Derry Girls MOVIE could be in the works

"Looking forward to shooting all of that..."


Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has revealed that a Derry Girls movie could be in the works.

The writer said she is in talks to explore the option of turning the popular TV series into a stand alone film.

“That’s definitely something we’re talking about and something I’d like to explore,” she told Red Carpet News at the Women in Film And TV Awards.

“It’s just if the story is right. So, it’s about me figuring all that out… at some point!”

Touching on what fans can expect from the hotly anticipated third season of Derry Girls, she said: “They’re still eejits and they still get into a lot of trouble, but they’re certainly going to grow up a little bit.”

“There’s definitely a very personal journey that they go on, as well as a political one. It’s an exciting time for them because they’re just on the cusp of adulthood.”

“There’s lots of new guest characters, as always. In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in,” she teased.

“That’s really exciting, writing those (roles). That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that,” she finished.