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Jennifer Zamparelli celebrates daughter's first birthday in NYC

Forget about a small family get-together, Jennifer Zamparelli revealed she celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in New York.

Looking back at her first year in style, the radio star and her husband Lau jetted off to the Big Apple with their daughter Florence for a family break – however Jennifer admitted she didn’t get the quiet flight she had hoped for.

“We went over to New York for Florence’s first birthday,” she said.


“Some people get a party; she got brought on a plane. She was a fecking nightmare. It was like a star ship enterprise with all the buttons and controls.

“Because of my job talking to people, I like to be very quiet on the plane and just read my book,” she told the Herald.

“But Florence kept waving at people and then you have to talk to them. She was making friends with everyone on the flight, but it was good. We went over to see family and it was a nice break.”

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The Dubliner confessed she is hoping to go on as many trips as possible while Florence is young.

“I don’t have to pay for her until she is three so I will do all my travel now,” she laughed.

“I was very fortunate when I was small, my sister used to work for BA and we flew to Africa when I was seven.”


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