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10 Key Moments From The Hills: New Beginnings

Finally after months and months of waiting, the anticipated episode 1 of The Hills: New Beginnings finally aired, and we took a lot away from it.

From Audrina breaking down multiple times about the ending of their marriage, to Stephanie Pratt opening up about her damaged relationship with brother Spencer, so much went down.

Take a look at some of the biggest moments:

1. Audrina Patridge is still trying to get over her failed marriage

Throughout the first episode, Audrina broke down about the ending of her marriage.

Her dramatic from Corey Bohan split had been splashed all over the news at the time, but in the debut episode Audrina gave more details.

The single mum broke down on several occasions throughout episode 1, explaining how Corey had cut her off from her friends, and revealed how difficult it was to go through their custody battle.

2. Brody Jenner is not cool with his dad taking his wife’s name

He’s getting slammed for this part of the show already – Brody Jenner made it very clear that he wasn’t happy dad Bruce Jenner changed his name to Caitlyn.

Brody had been dating his now wife Kaitlyn for years when his dad made the choice, and now that Bruce and Kaitlyn are married, there’s two Kaitlyn Jenners in the family.

“My dad, he also became a woman — don’t want to forget about that one,” he said.

“I had been dating Kaitlynn Carter for four and a half years, and my dad came out and said that he wanted to be called Caitlyn. Two Caitlyns.

“Look man, it’s a wild world we live in out there, you know?”

3. Stephanie Pratt ‘escaped’ LA to get away from her brother

Stephanie’s return to the show is largely focusing on the fact she moved to London five years ago.

Although she never mentions Made In Chelsea, Stephanie talks about moving away and needing a new group of friends – all because of her damaged relationship with brother Spencer.

The pair don’t speak in episode 1, but in the teaser for episode 2 we can see a lot of drama is about to go down between them.

4. Mischa Barton is looking for a new start

Newbie to the show Mischa Barton actually fit right in to the series.

The former The O.C. actress reveals she used to be pals with the friend group years ago – when her TV series was in the height of fame.

The actress brings a refreshingly honest view of Hollywood to the series, as she opens up about “trusting” the “wrong people” and needing to “move towns” to get over trauma.

Misha even opens up about her revenge porn scandal, where her ex filmed her without her consent. admitting she “fell in love with the wrong person”.

5. Heidi isn’t ready to spend time away from her son

It wouldn’t be an episode of The Hills without tears and tantrums – so cue Heidi Pratt.

The mum-of-one is seen crying and having “anxiety” about leaving her son Gunner to go out and socialise.

The blonde says she feels everyone is forcing her to “leave” her son and socialise but she’s just not ready.

Spencer on the other hand…is happy to go out and meet with the boys.

6. Pamela Anderson might be a regular on the show

In case you didn’t know, newbie to the show Brandon Lee is the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

And to everyone’s surprise his famous mum made a cameo in the first episode.

The former Baywatch star is seen calling to Brando’s new condo. and pledging to help him decorate his new place.

Brandon didn’t say or do much in the first episode but he is in the show thanks to his long time friendship with Brody.

And looking at the teasers for the series it seems the pair have some drama of their own.

7. Whitney Port doesn’t seem to be a main focus

She was apart of the very original line up, but Whitney Port was barely in the first episode.

The fashionista is now married with a son (Sonny), and although she appeared at the beginning of the show she didn’t really say much.

Here’s hoping she gets featured more…

8. Audrina and Justin Bobby had a date – and we’re all for it

Talk about deja vu… although 9 years has passed, it looks like things could be heating up again for Audrina and Justin Bobby.

Although, to be honest, their meet up felt quite forced in the first episode, we are living for this possible romance.

In their first chat in years Justin tells Audrina he doesn’t believe her ex husband Corey was the “love of her life” and claimed he knew her better than anyone.

9. Things are about to get seriously dramatic – thanks to Perez Hilton

The Hills have always been known for their very dramatic fights on a night out – and we’re about to get a big one.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton makes a cameo in the second episode, of which we got a glimpse of at the end of episode 1.

Misha can be heard saying how she never got an apology from Perez after years of negative comments about her on his site, and next week the pair will come head to head.

10. Brody Jenner and his wife Caitlyn are definitely having problems

Last but not least, one thing that was made pretty clear on the new episode was that Brody and his wife Caitlyn are having problems.

The blonde is seen giving out to her other-half for staying out and partying, while Brody gives out for her constant nagging.

In other scenes Caitlyn is seen telling Audrina how she really wants to have kids but Brody doesn’t want to settle down yet.

There could be trouble ahead…


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