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Five Ways You Can Escape The Chaos This Paddy’s Day


People from all over the world love to come to our little Isle for St Patrick’s Day.

Tourists love to experience the Irish culture, the drinks and, generally, the craic.

The only problem with that is, the city centre becomes packed with the parade goers, the drinkers and the tourists wandering around.

If you’re from Dublin and not the biggest fan of the above, here’s some ways to escape the madness this Friday.

1. You Can Still Stay In Dublin

If you’re looking for something to do but you don’t wanna go too far, there’s always the seaside towns.

Head down to the likes of Portmarnock, Malahide, Howth and Dun Laoghaire for some peace and quiet.

For something specific to do, there’s actually a prawn festival on in Howth. Keep yourself occupied and out of the city, sorted. Here’s the event page. 

2. Escape To Some Traditional Music In Kilkenny

Kilkenny have their own version of the St Patrick’s Day parade but the annual trad fest also takes place this weekend.

If you’re used to spending your paddy’s day weekends up in Dublin, this is definitely a fun change for you.

There’s a variety of traditional Irish music performers. Check out their website HERE.

3. Retreat To Nature In A Log Cabin

This has become quite a popular little getaway as of late.

You can rent log cabins and log houses in the likes of Cavan, Leitrim and Kilkenny.

Literally get away from it all. Good for couples or groups of friends. Check it out. 

4. Go Abroad

This one may seem like it’s too late as Paddy’s is this Friday.

But you’d be surprised at what’s out there. Check out the likes of Groupon and Living Social for short getaways to European cities.

Fun in Barcelona might be better than rainy crowds in Dublin to be fair.

5. Or Just Have A Party

If you’re lucky enough not to be living in the parade route, get the beer/wine in. It’s scheduled to rain on Friday anyway, so it’s not a bad idea.

The cheapest and sometimes best option for times like this. Grab your mates, alcohol and playlist and just have a massive session.

It’ll prepare you for the next one you’ll throw on Good Friday.