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You can now buy Squid Game inspired costumes for Halloween

Squid Game is officially the biggest ever series to launch on Netflix, with over 111 million people watching the Korean drama in its’ first 28 days on the streaming giant.

The show follows a group of 456 broke people recruited to compete in a series of children’s game to win a $40 million cash prize.

However, as the plot unfolds contestants learn the competition is much more sinister than they realized, it’s a case of play or die.

Given the huge success of the show, it is sure to be a popular costume choice this Halloween.

Amazon are now selling player, guard and even The Doll costumes, so you and your friends can dress up as the characters from the number one trending Netflix series.

Take a look:

The Players

Amazon’s three-piece player tracksuits are almost identical to those worn in the series.

It comes with a zipper jackets, pants, and matching short sleeved t-shirt, and you can also pick which number player you want to be.

The tracksuits are available in both adult and children sizes, and are available to buy here.

The Guards

This best-selling four-piece guard costume comes with a one piece red jumpsuit, a game mask, game gloves and a game belt.

Get it just in time for Halloween here.

The Doll

Want to dress up as the creepy giant doll seen in the Red Light, Green Light round of the competition in Squid Game? Well now you can.

The costume includes the yellow and orange dress wore by the doll, as well as the terrifying mask that is sure to spook your friends and family.

Shop the look here.



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