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Viral top loved by influencers spotted in Penneys for a fraction of the price

A dupe for a viral top from Zara has been spotted in Penneys for a fraction of the price.

The sparkly crop top exploded in popularity last year, after influencers like Sophie Murray were spotted wearing it on Instagram.

The glitzy garment was originally sold by Zara for €39.95, and now a cheaper alternative is available in Penneys.

@sophie_murraayyshe’s the one ✨✨✨

♬ original sound – Sophie Murray

Perfect for the festive season, you can pick up an almost identical version of the sparkly Zara top for €25 in Penneys.

The dupe was spotted by Irish fashion blogger Rebekah O’Leary, who shared the news on Instagram.

Posting a video of the top in Penneys on Mary Street in Dublin, she wrote: “GIRLSSSSS stop scrollinnnggg we all need this! The viral Zara top from last year is in @primark NOW.”

“It is half the price of what the Zara one was soooo 👌🏻 (this was in Mary street!) – only €25 and perfect for sparkle season!”


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