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The Top 10 Fashion Trends Of 2016

2016 was a year of lots of ups and downs – but when it came to fashion, we truly killed it.

From bringing chockers back with a bang to falling back in love with bomber jackets, it was truly a retro year.

As we head into 2017, it’s time to take a look back at the biggest trends of the year.

Here’s our Top 10:

1. Chokers

choker feature

First things first, we’re pretty sure I’ve girl in the world bought themselves a choker this year.

90s girls rejoiced at the return of the choker.

Whether you were nostalgic for your teen days and or were too young at the time but now finally get to rock the trend you always envied the older girls wearing there’s hardly been a festival photograph of the last year without one.

From tattoo swirls to pendants to the shoelace chokers have been the necklace of choice this year worn by every celeb from Kylie Jenner to Roz Purcell.

2. Bomber Jackets


They’ve always been a strong trend, but this year everywhere we looked someone was wearing a cool new bomber jacket.

From velvet to bubble jackets, there were all sorts of designs out this year, and we loved them all.

By the looks of things this trend will be continuing well into 2017…

3. Embroidery


From jeans to jackets all the way down to boots embroidery was everywhere this year.

A combination of late 90s embellishments and 1970s bohemian flare it’s a fresh take on a vintage favourite.

A great way of adorning your outfit without having to go crazy with accessories and perfect for music festivals it’s easy to see why this trend was such a hit in 2016.

4. Knee High Boots


Another nod with to the 70s knee high boots arrived to make all your Kate Hudson Almost Famous dreams come true.

Every Christmas this trend comes back with a bang but it seemed to be even earlier this year.

Always a favourite of ours is the soft biege knee-highs, can’t really pull them off in winter but watch out for them between now and Spring.

5. Coloured Leather Jackets


Leather jackets have always been the epitome of cool but in 2016 things got a little more interesting with coloured leather flooding stores nationwide.

Pink (always a fave of ours) was a big hit this year, with multicolours hitting the high street too.

6. Flared Trousers

Amanda Byram & Nicky Byrne Dancing with the Stars

Yes, as we said 2016 was the retro year, so a lot of styles made a come back.

While the skinny fight trousers reigned supreme for the noughties , 2016 saw the rise of the wide leg trouser.

Not a perfect fit for everyone, but stars like Amanda Byram can certainly pull it off.

7. Velvet


From Penneys to Prada velvet has been the fabric of choice this year.

This year we’ve seen everything from velvet clutches to velvet phone covers, but nothing beats the velvet dresses from 2016.

Always easy to give your outfit that luxe look, velvet reigned champion in 2016 and we hope to see more of it in 2017.

8. Sequins


2016 was the year of the sparkle with glitter roots and glitter make up being two of the top beauty trends this year it’s not hard to see why sequins were such a hit.

Sequins never really go out of fashion, but it seems this year we had a lot more sparkly numbers than usual.

With party season in full swing why not continue the trend?

9. Holographic


Out of this world holographics were the must have accessory this year and gave us some serious nostalgic vibes.

Once again with a nod back to the 80s and 90s every clutch and phone cover was super retro.

10. Sheer Tops


Last but not least, 2016 was the year of the sheer.

We’ve seen more abs, arms, legs and cleavage this year than ever before and we LOVED it.

We’re hoping you wore some of these babies for your Christmas parties because it’s hard to go wrong with a figure-hugging dress with some sheer elements.

Another trending we hope will continue…


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