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TikTok user shares genius Zara bodysuit hack

Zara’s halter neck bodysuits have taken over thousands of people’s wardrobes.

Acknowledging that it’s such a staple piece, the brand have rotated a huge range of colours, while keeping the original white and black.

A TikTok user has shared a genius hack to freshen up the look of the Zara bodysuit – by making it a one-shoulder piece.

TikTok user Rachel puts the bodysuit on upside down, so that the side with the fasteners faces up towards the neck.

She then closes the fasteners over one of her shoulders, bringing a new style to the old staple.

Another hack which recently made the rounds on TikTok is to wear the bodysuit as a crop top, by tucking the bottom half up under the top half.

@rachelmargaritaaa Zara bodysuit hack: i actually prefer it this way!! 🥰 @zara #fashionhacks #fashiontips #tiktokfashion #stylehack #zarafashion #zaraoutfit ♬ Come Check This – FETISH


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