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This stunning dress has gone viral on TikTok

A new Oh Polly dress has gone viral on TikTok.

Lily Draycott (@lilstakes2) uploaded a video to the app in which she admitted she couldn’t stop thinking about the dress, but wasn’t sure if she could afford to splash out £70 on it.

The full-time student said to her followers: “I want you guys to big me up. Tell me: ‘Lily, you only live once. £70 will come back around. Buy the dress. You’ll look like Beyonce and you’ll feel like a queen.'”


No i literally cannot comprehend £70 on a dress

♬ original sound – Lily Draycott

Lily said that although she has “no where to wear” the dress to, she wanted to buy it because it is “so pretty and sparkly”.

Her video has been viewed over 4.7 million times, and fans took to the comment section to encourage Lily to treat herself and buy the dress.

The dress in question is the Oh Polly Long Sleeve Deep Plunge Mini Dress in Rose, which features all over embellishment.

The gorgeous dress, which is also available in yellow, also has a deep plunge and a cowl neckline which is gently adjoined with a narrow, embellished strap.

Later in the week, Lily revealed Oh Polly had reached out to her and offered to send her the dress for free.

She shared a video of her in the dress, and fans are obsessed with it.

One commented: “Girl sorry but this was MADE FOR YOU!!!!!”, while a second penned: “my jaw DROPPED.”

A third wrote: “I would literally sell my left kidney for that dress!!!”, and another added: “let’s hear some commotion for the dress!!!!”


Today we thank @Oh Polly for their kindness and their incredible dress ‘NICE’ (if you wanted to know😉)

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