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Spotlight On: Irish fashion influencer Rebekah With Love

For this week’s Spotlight On feature we’re chatting to Rebekah O’Leary, the sartorialist behind the digital moniker Rebekah With Love.

Rebekah is one of Ireland’s most prominent up and coming fashion influencers, with a distinctive flair for styling the pieces in her colourful wardrobe.

Uplifting and empowering herself through her fashion choices, Rebakah shares her bright and achingly on-trend looks with her followers via her blog and Instagram.


1. Can you tell me about your beginning in blogging? 

It’s so funny I feel like I actually fell into it! I was working in retail at the time and I used to get a lot of girls coming in and they’d always ask me about putting outfits together and where I got things from so I started pop up little (terrible quality) mirror pictures to Instagram!

I was also really involved in merchandising and used to share collections and new ins which people loved and that’s how I really started!

2. A lot of fashion ‘bloggers’ don’t have blogs, and begin through sharing on social media. Is there anything about having an actual blog that appeals to you?

I sometimes feel I ignore my little blog which I hate because I do actually adore writing – I love the permanency of blog content. Once something is posted on Instagram and then you share more it gets lost in everything – and stories is even worse; 24 hours and it’s gone and you can put a lot of time and work into something for it to be gone in 24 hours!

So I feel at least with a blog everything you have is collected into one area – that’s why it is actually really important to have an easy to use blog. I’d actually love to do YouTube too and twine that up with my blog and Instagram but we will see!


3. You’re known for your distinctive personal style, how did you become interested in fashion?


My mother will tell you it comes from her! But credit where credit is due If I’m being honest that’s where it started – she used to let me dress myself because I was a little madam who at 3 years old had to pick her own clothes, so I started young! I used to raid her wardrobe and I always thought she’d fabulous style (she still does) and she was always designing and making clothes for herself and getting me to help!

I’ve always loved how fashion lets you say something about yourself without saying anything; and I think in most of our everyday lives we don’t get to express ourselves enough creatively – but fashion is a way we can all do it! I honestly couldn’t ever see myself doing anything that wasn’t to do with fashion – fashion actually makes me feel a certain type of way I’ve never felt from anything else. Beauty is close but fashion has always had my number 1 passion place.


4. Is there anyone who influences or inspires your style? 

So I pull my inspiration from everything – locations, current trends, different times like the 70s or 90s etc and I create mood boards everyday – it’s my favourite hobby!


I love to people watch too – I’m that girl that stops you in the street to ask you where your jeans are from!

Pinterest and Instagram are absolutely places where I pull inspiration from though too  – I follow so many incredible accounts – I love @lornaluxe, @x_carms , @yasminechanel , @fashioninflux @camilacoelho and @miss_gunner just to name a few! Celeb wise Olivia Culpo does nothing wrong in my eyes!

5. What is your favourite part of creating online content? 

The freedom to be as creative as possible is definitely my favourite part. I love to make my content as different and as fun as I can. I’m such a perfectionist though so every detail for me gets covered; music and transitions when it comes to videos, lightening and composition when it comes to photos; but I love it all – I’m in my element being creative. I love it so much that I’m more than happy to spent days doing it and I’ve even offered and helped other to do it! I see everything in an artistic way.



6. And what is the most frustrating part? 

For fear of being a broken record – Instagram only showing a small amount of your audience your content is soul destroying. If I put little to no work into my content I wouldn’t mind but I truly spend hours and days on my content and I make it for people to enjoy so when the majority don’t see it because of an algorithm that’s definitely hard to swallow!


7. Do you have any advice for people who would like to start experimenting with their style? 

I say do it! Spend a few hours pottering around the shops with a coffee and no pressure and take note to see what the current trends are – or even google them! See if anything tickles your fancy with them – but I always say never be a trend slave; pick the elements you see yourself being able to work into you and your life. Focusing on pick some good core pieces.


Fashion is always subjective so if it makes you happy wear it – never let anyone tell you you’re not to wear something (unless they TRULY have your best interest at heart)! I’ve DEFINITELY had people make the “are you sure with that” face at me with choices but the choices have made me happy and I’ve been comfortable so to me that’s the most important thing!

Last tip is don’t be afraid of colours – so many people are afraid of colours and that’s so sad because for me colours not only elevate your wardrobe but your mood! Of course we all like the neutrals but definitely look at adding pops of colour to your wardrobe for an instant upgrade!

8. What’s coming next for Rebekah With Love? 

Oh god hopefully big things?! Let’s put that out there to the universe and maybe it’ll happen!

At the moment I’m very happy with where I’m at – but a YouTube channel is definitely what’s on my horizon at the moment, that’s my goal for the end of the year. I want to fill it with styling content including restyles, how-wears, hauls and definitely some beauty too! The goal for me with my blog and Instagram and where the name Rebekah with Love actually comes from is to share things to help people and it comes with all my love – so all my tips and advice are with love from me.

I know in the grand scheme of things I may be helping people in a small way but if I can make someone feel good by suggesting an outfit or a lipstick that’s something to me! I love helping people is something that makes me so happy and I want to continue to do so. 

You can find Rebekah’s blog HERE, and her Instagram HERE.


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