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Roz Purcell vows women won't have to be stick-thin to wear her suit range


Model Roz Purcell has insisted you won’t have to be stick-thin to wear one of her suits.

The ex-Miss Universe Ireland has swapped the catwalk for a designers studio to launch a collection in September.

And Roz – who has already dressed Sarah Morrissey for the red carpet – insisted that ordinary punters will be able to wear her suits.


What style: Sarah Morrissey was dressed by Roz at Miss Ireland | BRIAN MCEVOY

“They’re going to come in five different colours and you can customise them differently to have them tight-fitting or a bit looser,” the 24-year-old said.

“You can also customise them by having a different coloured lapel to suit your own style.”

But Roz – who is working with Scribe of London on the collection, following her VIP Awards sensation – insisted she has no plans on getting totally hands on putting the designs together.


Fiesty: Roz in shoot this week with agency mates Georgia Salpa and Karena Graham

“No, I’m happy to leave that to the professionals and just concentrate on the design element of things,” she told the Herald.

It comes as Roz has continued keeping fit after a Christmas ironman training course in the sun with boyfriend Bressie.

She said she likes having “fingers in lots of pies” to expand beyond just modeling.

Previously Roz showed off her suit look when she wore one to the races.