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Rosanna Davison is willing to strip for Playboy again – as critics are just 'prudish'


Rosanna Davison has revealed she’s ready to pose for Playboy again – despite being a married woman.

The ex-Miss World said that critics of her decision to strip off for the US flesh magazine are “prudish”, as nude shoots aren’t a big deal in Europe.

The 30-year-old told RSVP: “I could consider doing Playboy again, yes – it was a really empowering experience.


Not prudish: Rosanna is happy to show off body

“I really enjoyed the whole thing. I don’t feel shy any more about showing off my body.

“I think people can be a little prudish. I work in Germany a lot and it is less of a big deal.

“We are all similar, have the same bits and pieces, I was brought up like that really. My parents were never embarrassed about nudity, I was never told to hide part of my body.”

Chris de Burgh and Rosanna Davison in Germany

Family: Rosanna was given support by dad Chris de Burgh | VIPIRELAND.COM

And Rosanna said her dad Chris de Burgh was one of the people who told her how privileged she was to pose for Playboy.

She added: “It was my dad who said to me, ‘Look at the women who have gone before you – Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell – all these women have gone on to become iconic so why wouldn’t you do it?”