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Penneys latest campaign featuring amputee model Kelly Knox is being praised for diversity

The brand are being lauded on social media

Instagram - Kelly Knox

People are delighted with Penneys for using an amputee model for their latest photoshoot.

The retail store posted a photo of model, Kelly Knox, wearing a leopard print skirt on their Instagram and the comment section was flooded with support for the company.

“This is great! Well done Primark!! It’s so important to show and celebrate all types of bodies. Everyone is different and we should all be represented ❤” said @lost_girl_found.

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The Instagram post has over 100,000 likes and Kelly posted the photo on her personal account with a caption thanking the company for being diverse.

“Thank you to Primark for embracing and celebrating me as a model… and for including disablity in your diversity agenda.”

“All bodies are worthy and deserving of representation.”

This is for all bodies marginalized by society. This is for all the women who feel they’re not beautiful or worthy enough because they do not fit in with societies version of beauty. This is especially for all bodies like mine.. for all “disabled” people..one of the most invisible section of society. “Disabled” bodies are rarely celebrated in the fashion and beauty industries..in magazines, in advertising.. You certainly do not see bodies like mine in gorgeous underwear! This is the last barrier to break…. Diversity is the new beauty ideal and disablity IS very much part of diversity. I’m sick of seeing campaigns or articles claiming to be so inclusive and diverse but no sign of disablity. Gone are the times where disabled people can be swept under the carpet, pretending we don’t exist or only come out for the Paralympics or Halloween. Choose LOVE over fear. Time to embrace us for who we are – beautiful, strong, powerful, resilient, equal human beings… Thank you to all at my incredible agency @milkmodelmanagement for celebrating the raw, diverse, different kinds of beauty and to @figleavesofficial for this collaboration. Photographer: @jakubkoz MUA: @daniguinsbergmua Assist: @chantelle_creative Hair: @liamcurranbeauty Assist: @emmasmallhairandmakeup #MiLKxFigleaves #BeautyHasNoBounds #lingerie #beautyideal #breakingbarriers #selflove #figleaves #milkmodelmanagement

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Many people took to Instagram to express how they relate to the model and how much this act of diversity means to them.

Amputees and their parents left touching comments on both Pennys’ and Kelly’s accounts.

“Yesss @primark so beautiful 😍 my daughter was born with half her left arm missing like this gorgeous model and I know when I show her this campaign it will make her day. 🙌🏼” wrote one of her followers.

Another person expressed what it meant to them by commenting, “When I came in a wheelchair on my 17th, I was only seeing those regular, perfect models with whom I couldn’t identify myself anymore.”

“I am not the only one, a lot of people with a disability are experiencing anxiety because of the lack of fashion diversity but we are all equal.

“Big thanks @primark keep on going for this!👏👏👏👏👏😍”

Instagram – Kelly Knox

Kelly was nominated for Celebrity of the Year at the National Diversity Awards as well as being listed on the Power 100 – Britain’s Most Influential People With a Disability.

On her blog, the 34-year-old describes herself as being, “a dedicated and passionate advocate for diversity in fashion with the aim to dismiss society’s preconceptions about disability and to change the beauty ideal.”