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Model Judy Fitzgerald has walked at New York Fashion Week – but insists: 'I'll always be a nurse'



Limerick beauty Judy Fitzgerald has just returned from her whirlwind trip to New York Fashion Week – but the model has admitted her looks won’t last forever.

Despite landing a lucrative deal to model at the biggest annual fashion event, Judy revealed she is still working as a nurse.

Opening up to Goss.ie about her time in the Big Apple, Judy  revealed her back-up plan if modelling doesn’t work out.

“I’ll always have the nursing,” she admitted.

“Everywhere is looking for nursing jobs where as with modelling, you won’t always have it because as you get older you won’t be as good looking.”


New York Fashion Week:  Judy took time off work to walk the runway

“You won’t always have the modelling but you’ll always have the nursing” she said.

Since being crowned Miss Bikini in November, the sensible 24-year-old revealed she’s still working as a nurse whilst carrying out her pageant duties.

“A lot of people were like ‘you should take year out’ but at the moment I’m able to juggle it because I work only three days, three 12-hour shifts a week so I can do the events the other days and work are accommodating moving my shifts.”

“I got off the five days to go to New York and they let me off so they kind of understand,” she explained.


New career: Judy is still a working nurse

Understanding the fickleness of the modelling industry, the Limerick beauty is keen to move to the States to cash in on her status.

“I want to move to America, I’ll probably move in the next year or two. I really like it over there. I want to go travelling anyway.”

“There’s really good money in it over in America, I think the industry here is really small for modelling.”

“There’s not really money to be made, I think it’s more you pull my leg and I’ll pull yours, people want you to do stuff for free and then they’ll do something for free for you” she admitted.

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Ambitious: Judy wants to move to the US

Attending exclusive fashion week parties during her time in New York, the pretty model admitted that she got paid to attend a VIP bash.

“It was $150 to get in, we got in free, the people we were working for paid $1500 for a table in the V.I.P. area – it was in the Marquee in New York,” she told Goss.ie.

“There was a big DJ playing there and we got paid $200 just to be there for like four hours, just to be there. It was really good.”

“A model agent approached us at New York Fashion week and asked if we would go to it so I asked if I could bring two of my friends so she said yeah so then the three of us went off did it – pure random.”