Home Style Harry Potter fans will LOVE these new additions to Penneys

Harry Potter fans will LOVE these new additions to Penneys

If you like Harry Potter, you will LOVE this


The Harry Potter range from Penneys is definitely one of our favourites, along with their Beauty and the Beast themed line.

With pyjamas, hoodies, homeware and stationary available, Penneys have now brought out some fabulous accessories that will look cute with any outfit.

These rucksacks are so handy for everyday life, carrying around a handbag all day is bad for your shoulders, especially if it’s filled to the brim.

Get yourself a super cute Harry Potter themed rucksack and magically carry around all of your belongings all day with ease.

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Get this bag pack with a little Hedwig charm for just €16 in your local Penneys.

The logo is definitely a statement, but proclaiming your love for Harry Potter could make you some like-minded friends; fashionable and functional. We love it.

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If you need an even bigger Hedwig fix, this rucksack is the one for you.

The all white bag is definitely for the Harry Potter fan who doesn’t want to make a big song and dance about it.

Be subtle and stylish with this owl bag back. Buy it from Penneys for just €16.

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