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Goss Lust List: Seven skincare saviors for summer

Tried and tested products for clear, clean and hydrated skin.


This week on the Goss Lust List, I’m focusing on skincare. With the changeable weather impacting everything from our moods to our style choices, slathering on sunscreen and sweating under jackets in warm but wet weather was inevitably going to have an impact on how our skin looks and feels.

Iv’e come a cross a few skincare saviors in my time, after battling bouts of adult acne and sensitive dry patches.

Here is a selection of some of my tried and tested skincare heroes, covering everything from hydrating moisturizers to spot-clearing cleansers:

French Pharmacy skincare

French pharmacy skincare is gaining huge popularity outside of the region, and Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is definitely the most popular product to make it into our makeup bags.

The soothing cream acts to hydrate the skin, while locking in it’s natural oils.

Skin-clearing face mask

The Cosmetic Warrior face mask from Lush come with one downfall – it stinks! It’s distinctive aroma comes from one of it’s key active ingredients, garlic, which is proven to help clear up acne thanks to it’s antibacterial properties.

Refreshing face mist

MyClarins is a brand new offering from Clarins for young skin.

The vegan formula of their hydrating face mist is perfect for moisturizing sensitive skin without the sometimes overwhelming consistency a cream or oil would bring.

The heavy-duty night oil

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is iconic for a reason.

The oil is made of a combination of skin-saving ingredients including squalane, evening primrose oil, omega-6 fatty acids, essential oils and lavender, and leaves skin looking brighter by morning.

The gentle but efficient cleanser

Cetaphil has done genuine wonders for my skin. While struggling with adult acne and an allergy to many fragrance-laden skincare items, I found this mecca of minimalist, medicinal-looking skincare.

The cleanser is gentle but still removes all traces of makeup, without stripping your skin of it’s essential natural oils/

The sustainable face cloth

The Cleanse Off Mitt by Jennifer Rock is one of my skincare must haves.

Slather some Cetaphil onto this mitt and watch your makeup melt off, all while getting some gentle exfoliating. These babies leave your skin feeling facial-level clean – and are far more environmentally friendly than disposable cotton pads.

The ultimate (tasty) lip balm

The Balm.com lip balms from Glossier have garnered a cult following over the years – and for good reason.

I’m currently on my third tube of the hydrating balm, and so far the coconut scent is my favourite. The handy and Instagram-friendly tubes use castor seed oil to prevent your lips from drying out.