Home Style EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Byrne talks sustainable style on the Gossies pink carpet

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Byrne talks sustainable style on the Gossies pink carpet

Upcycling and rewearing are the keys to sustainable style

The Gossies 2020 | Pic: Jerry McCarthy

Irish radio star and TV personality Stephen Byrne took to the pink carpet at the Gossies last week, and gave Goss.ie the scoop on his sustainable look.

The radio DJ wore a stunning suit from Unconditional London, which prides itself on it’s ethically produced fabrics.

Speaking to red carpet correspondent January Winters, he said:

“It’s Unconditional London. I actually bought it a couple of years ago.”


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Backstreet meets traffic cone

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Referring to the distinctive orange mesh which decorated the blazer, he joked:

“I’m used to wearing it with mesh underneath but I thought ‘that’s not for tonight.'”

Taking his cue from this year’s BAFTA awards, which requested that all celeb attendees rewear something from their wardrobes that they had worn before, he repurposed his distinctive suit for the 2020 edition of the Gossie awards.

“I thought, ‘do you know what, I’ll wear something from a few years ago’ because I’m always buying new things so let’s pick something out that that Iv’e only worn once and just go for it.”

Unconditional London promote their commitment to sustainable production through their values for fabrics and upcycling.

“We have from the very beginning alway sort out and favoured pure, ethically produced fabrics and yarns,” reads their transparency manifesto.


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“We also also like to give fabrics and pieces ‘second lives ” often through cold dyeing and recycling. Philip hates ‘fast fashion’. Each collection morphs from the last , an ongoing but continuous story.”

Touching on his fondness for The Gossies, he said: “It’s the one on the calendar where it’s like ‘we’re going to have fun tonight!'”