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EXCLUSIVE! Stacey Solomon opens up about dealing with online trolls

The TV personality has over two million followers on Instagram


Stacey Solomon has candidly revealed how she deals with online trolls.

The mother-of-three has a huge following on social media, and while the platform can be used to spread positivity – it does attract some negativity as well.

Speaking to Goss.ie about her presence on Instagram, the 30-year-old opened up about dealing with nasty trolls and negative comments.

Stacey told us: “I think it depends on what day it is! Because some days I could just be like, see you later and never think about it again. But then there’s other days when you’re just not having a great day and you’re feeling a bit more insecure and it gets to you a bit.”

“But most of the time I would just delete the comment, or block the person or ignore them entirely,” she explained.

“Because it’s just not important, no one should make you feel like that and I try not allow anyone to make me feel bad about myself, because I don’t want to give them that power.”

Stacey is regularly praised on social media for being so “real” about motherhood, and the mother-of-three said she loves being a part of a “community” online.

“Do you know what, I feel like it’s such a nice place for me to get advice and to hear other people’s opinions,” she said.


“I don’t think too much about what other people are gaining, I’m thinking about what I’m gaining, and I gain so much from sharing insecurities and then hearing that other people are feeling the same, and have been through the same things.”

“So I gain so much more from it than people realise. There’s a whole community online and I do think that being open and honest [helps people] get through certain things, and feeling like you’re not the only one and you’re normal, it really is a good feeling.”

As for the type of accounts she loves to follow, Stacey said: “I do enjoy following accounts that are more natural, and they’re not taking life too seriously, I do really enjoy that.”


Stacey was speaking to Goss.ie to celebrate the launch of her second collection with Primark, otherwise known as Penneys in Ireland.

With prices ranging from €2 – €40, Stacey’s gorgeous collection launches in stores on October 10, and it includes women’s apparel, footwear and accessories.

Talking about the collaboration, Stacey said: “I’m so overwhelmed and excited to have been asked to design another collection for Primark. I’m so thrilled that my last collection went down so well, and I can’t quite believe I’m doing it all again.”

“My main inspiration was mostly comfort, things that I can dress up and dress down, so anything that I can wear with trainers and with heels is a win.”

Stacey also said that her collection is for “anyone and everyone”.

“There’s some real staple items in there that I think are good for all occasions, for people from all different places,” she said.

“There’s comfy high-waisted jeans, there’s tartan trousers, there’s trainers, there’s heels, a body suit that I love – so I do think it’s for anyone and everyone.”

Jumper €15

When asked for her own style tips, Stacey said: “For me, it’s about whatever makes you feel good.”

“Realistically it has to be something that I can sit and lounge around in, that I can run after the boys in, I can feel nice in but also feel really comfortable, and that’s the main thing for me.”

Read more about Stacey’s collection with Primark here.