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Ex-Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh on track to become Chinese reality star – seen by 500 MILLION people


Former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh is still set to become a Chinese reality star – when she is filmed for a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

The Tipperary model will be seen by up to 500 million people when the show with the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV takes place next year.

And Aoife, 25, revealed TV bosses in China decided they wanted to push back the show about modelling in a foreign country to tie it in with St Patrick’s Day.

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Filming: Aoife on set for Damo and Ivor

She said: “It’s still happening but it’s been moved back until around March because they want to do it for Paddy’s Day.

“I was supposed to be going out next month but they really like the idea of Paddy’s Day and it’s all still in talks so fingers crossed.

“I’ve been back and forth to them already and I’m really excited about it because I never thought I’d get the opportunity to travel with this. Hopefully that will happen coming into the new year.”

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Star: Aoife will be working with Damo tonight | ANDRES POVEDA

Meanwhile as Goss.ie previously revealed, Aoife is set to appear in the final of Damo and Ivor this evening on RTE 2.

And Aoife told the Herald that she hopes it won’t be the start and end of her acting career playing one the girlfriends of a main character.

“Acting is definitely something that I’d like to do more of, so I was delighted to get this opportunity,” she explained.

“So hopefully it’s only the start and I can do more stuff like that in the future because I really, really enjoyed it.”